Avipattikar Powder 100gm

Future Avipattikar Powder 100 Grams | Organic | All Natural | USDA | EU Organic | Halal


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  • Benefits of Avipattikar Powder include promoting comfort in the digestive tract and maintaining healthy acidity levels in the stomach and intestines. Avipattikar powder helps soothe excess heat in the GI tract and surrounding tissues, providing a gentle digestive experience.
  • Avipattikar is a blend of 12 different herbs, including Indian jap root, cardamom, clove flowers, and musta. It is often taken with milk, honey, or warm water.
  • Helps manage digestive issues that occurs due to irregular food habits and lifestyle
  • Made as per Ayurvedic Classical text
  • Organic | All Natural | USDA | EU | Halal | Vegan


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